Technology Development

Commitment to produce fine wires

Based on the skilled wire-processing technologies and knowledges acquired through its long experiences of more than 50 years, MEIKO FUTABA, and its R&D department can provide an assistance for your technological research and prototype projects. As one of the suppliers who hold the largest number of processing machines in the industry, MEIKO FUTABA can propose various wire compositions from copper to other metallic materials. Even more, for wire-drawing processing, MEIKO FUTABA is capable of achieving a dia. 10μm wire. If this could interest you, please feel free to contact us.


<Experience-proven materials>

Ni, Ag, Fe, Cu, Sn


<Experience-proven wire materials>

Enameled wire = Copper wire coated with an enamel film

Brass = Alloy of Cu and Zn

Stainless steel = Alloy consisting mainly of iron with Cr and Ni

Galvanized iron wire = Iron wire with Zn coating for anti-corrosive effect


<Experience-proven special fibers>



MEIKO FUTABA continues its research and development for the discovery of innovative ultrafine wire-drawing technology for the future. We are open to discuss a possibility of a joint development. Please contact us from INQUIRY FORM.